Scheduling & Packages

Book Your Free Intro Chat with Betsy!

Betsy offers a free introductory 45-minute phone call or Zoom meeting to discuss your situation. She’ll ask you what has inspired you to explore coaching, and what you are hoping to gain from the experience. You may also discuss payment plans and number of sessions.

To schedule your chat, email Betsy for available times:

Single Coaching Session: If you have a specific project or area in mind and you are ready to move forward, coaching can provide insight in a single session!

Multiple Coaching Sessions: For deeper, more lasting change and major life transitions, an ongoing coaching relationship will offer more support. Sessions are typically weekly or biweekly, depending on your timeline and how quickly you want to move forward. Betsy offers discounted packages, to make it easier to commit to this significant investment in yourself!

Betsy offers reduced pricing and payment plans to help make coaching available for everyone. Please consider what you can afford to invest, and email to discuss possibilities.